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Synocura Healthcare is the ideal partner in the healthcare sector

We combine German high-level medicine with global industrial power! Synocura Healthcare Networks handles the global purchasing and supply of all medical and diagnostic equipment from consumables to reagents and devices.

Manufacturers from medical supply stores, doctors’ practices, hospitals, physiotherapy practices and nursing services to municipal associations benefit from the supply of therapeutic appliances and aids.

We have been consulting all parties of the healthcare industry for decades. With our know-how, we offer tailor-made and holistic solutions to your individual problems.

Our innovative concepts optimise your processes and additionally implement structures in the regional market. We create growth and profit maximisation.

Our services:

Medical Laboratories

Patients of home care

Medical providers

Medical supply stores

Healthcare stakeholders (in the area of medical commerce)

International health care market

We combine our range of services in the Synocura Holding

We strive for a healthier global healthcare system that benefits everyone. Humanitarian aid and economic interests are not mutually exclusive for us: Our goal is that all parties involved in the healthcare system – be they physicians, manufacturers, suppliers or patients – can draw on our interdisciplinary, networked know-how. As your reliable partner, Synocura helps to increase quality and sales as well as to achieve competitive advantages. This is achieved in particular through our unique synergies between medicine and industry, which enables us to provide you with strategic, individual “outside-the-box” solutions for the global healthcare system. Our unique combination of trade, consulting and solutions will lead you to a triple win for your company.


Sustainable Production, Logistics & Supply Chains


Individual consultation & Strategic positioning


Individual, custom & practical solutions

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