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We provide advice and training regarding the entire supply chain, for medical providers, medical health stores and any link in between on the appropriate products.

Our goal is to provide care that is accepted by the patient and appropriate for the indication. Often, patients don’t receive products from other providers which would best support their treatment. We consult you in order to ensure that patients receive the products they actually need. It is important that medical supply stores always take medical diagnoses into account. Thus, the optimal form of therapy is selected on the basis of medical consultation – at the same time, innovations, i.e. modern technology, can already be used here.

For you as a patient, this means: Your therapy will lead to success. You will not receive products that unnecessarily prolong your recovery or remain unsuccessful. We take care of you professionally and personally. So nothing stands in the way of your speedy recovery, because you will receive the best possible care.

Information about product offers

We inform patients about the product range that is right for them and also talk to doctors about choosing the right therapy.

In-house qualified personnel for measuring medical devices

If you can't leave your home, our in-house staff will come to you for measuring. This is how we can deliver customised solutions.

Special care for stroke patients

We are experts regarding patients who had a stroke or a suspected stroke, we will provide you with comprehensive advice on the next important steps.

Consulting for outpatient and inpatient care services

We consult nursing services regarding patients´ rights and optimal care.

Wound care centre and health supply store

In our own medical supply store and wound care centre in Cologne, we offer a wide range of high-quality medical supplies and take care of wound and compression therapy.

Be best informed.

As a care provider, your concern is to always provide the best medical care. But given the complexities of the situation, are you always aware of what your patients are entitled to? Do changes in the law challenge you in order to ensure nursing and medical care in the best possible way?

We can help here. Our trained Synocura specialists assess the patient’s environment and find a suitable solution in consultation with the family doctor. This service relieves you and your patients.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us – from any place and city.

Synocura - Wound care centre and health supply store

We are personally there for you and all your concerns in our medical supply store and wound care centre! To make your visit to us as pleasant as possible, you will find the parking garage “Am Neumarkt” as well as the subway station “Neumarkt” very close to our store. In the house, the elevator will take you to the fourth floor. This means that even in the case of physical impairments, our expert, holistic advice is provided by your personal consultant. Our qualitative sanitary products deliver relief and help – and you can regain your quality of life. Of course, you can check out and try out all products.

Trust our trained professionals to be your reliable companion on the road to health care and recovery. We look forward to being at your service!

To make sure we are there for you, please schedule an appointment in advance

Wound care

We competently take care of the healing process of chronic wounds and provide you with the best sanitary products.

Compression treatment

We are providing high quality: custom compression garments allow for successful therapy.

Health care store

Our medical supply store provides a wide range of excellent medical supplies for a variety of needs.

Synocura - Wound care centre and health supply store

In the Haubrichforum, 4th floor

At the Neumarkt

Business hours:
MON, THU, FRI 9 AM – 1.30 PM afternoons by appointment
TUE and WED: 9 AM – 1.30 PM; 2.30 – 5 PM

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